The Perfect Male Package

Male Amenities Slip


Perfect Male Package X Clive Street

Upcycle bike tyre male amenities slip for the man on the go!

Perfect Male Package is proud to have collaborated with the ultra-cool Clive Street! Hand Made in Australia from items once discarded and destined for landfill these incredible Perfect Male Package amenities bag are strong, durable, stylish and environmentally friendly!

A SLIP for your glasses/sunglasses
A SLIP for your razor
A SLIP for your toothbrush/paste
A SLIP for your pens
A SLIP for a couple of those useful tools
A SLIP for your personal items
A SLIP for a thousand things!!

Australian Made by CLIVE STREET – made by recycle / upcycle TYRE material

Stylish, versatile, washable, durable, eco-friendlyan amazing gift for all men

Great as a gift, great for someone looking for something a bit different!


  • imgPrevents Jock Itch
  • imgPrevents Chaffing
  • imgPrevents Mild Skin Irritations
  • imgSweet Smelling
  • imgNatural Odour Neutraliser
  • imgRemoves Bacteria, Odour and Impurities
  • imgMoisturising
  • imgSuitable for everyday use